Technical brigade of EPG successfully carry out repair works in extremely sever conditions

11 Feb, 2016
Special technical brigades of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia was working for 4 hours in an Alpic Zone. With the purpose to rehabilitate 110 kV HV transmission line Moashi, the brigade worked at 2400 m altitude in Lentekhi region, 5 km distance from Moashi resort. Technical brigade was landed to the site by helicopter, as due to difficult terrain and snow, reaching the damage location with special technique was impossible; apart from that temperature reached -15 C0 and company employees were conditioned to carry out works in sever circumstances.

For a week, before the comancement of works in Alpic Zone, EPG Kutaisi, Zestaphoni, Racha, Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti HV service employees also have been working in sever conditions to carry our checking and cleansing of the Moashi transmission line highway.

“Transmission line Moashi is the major electricity supply line of Daba Mestia, Mestia region villages and newly opened ski resourt Tetnuldi; accordingly, repair of the mentioned line was significant for our company. During the repairs, the biggest risk was that in case weather got worth it would be impossible for a helicopter to return, however despite this our employees expressed readiness and in a preliminarily agreed time frame successfully repaired the damaged section of the line, for which they deserved our gratitude. We should be indeed very proud that such professionals serve Georgian energy sector” – said Director General of EPG Mikheil Botsvadze.