Training of mining-rescue group of Lajanuri HPP and consulting analytical service

Published: 29.05.2019 Deadline: 12.06.2019

JSC “ENERGO-PRO Georgia” announces price inquiry on the training of mining-rescue group of Lajanuri HPP and consulting analytical service.
Deadline for receipt of deadlines is: 12.06.2019

Service to be carried out:
• Training of rescue service;

• Working out of projects for emergency liquidation plan;

• Teaching of anti-emergency protection situation to the personal composition of rescue service, working out of corresponding activities and submission to the Client;

• Studying the technical condition of mining-rescue equipment and fire inventory and submission of information;

• Drafting of particular plans and programs for theoretical and practical preparation of the personal composition of rescue service;

• Perfection of acting normative documents and acts.

In case of issues regarding the content of price inquiry, please contact us:
Address: Z. Anjaparidze Str. 19, Tbilisi, Georgia
Contact person: Koba Zardiashvili
Phone: 577358005

Published: 17.09.2020 Deadline: 17.09.2020

Production of special parts of the turbine

Published: 18.08.2022 Deadline: 25.08.2022

Arranging cable channel in Abastumani

Published: 21.05.2019 Deadline: 27.05.2019

Arranging Cable Channel in Rustavi

Published: 20.12.2018 Deadline: 24.12.2018

Carrying out works of deratization and desinsection

Published: 06.06.2019 Deadline: 14.06.2019

Construction and repair works on the Rion HPP (in the cable tunnel)

Published: 16.04.2021 Deadline: 21.04.2021

Construction of cable and overhead electric transmission lines

Published: 02.11.2021 Deadline: 30.04.2023

Construction of high voltage substations in Mtskheta and Kutaisi, as well as the reconstruction of the high voltage power line "110 kV Cemi 1 and 2 - construction

Published: 22.04.2021 Deadline: 27.04.2021

Preparation of the conclusions of the actually implemented works of the investment projects implemented by JSC "Energo-Pro Georgia" in 2021

Published: 29.11.2022 Deadline: 12.12.2022

Purchase of block containers

Published: 22.10.2021 Deadline: 28.10.2021

Purchasing drill bits for special technic

Published: 15.08.2022 Deadline: 26.08.2022

Purchasing of Iron materials

Published: 26.06.2019 Deadline: 03.07.2019

Purchasing of Iron materials

Published: 16.07.2019 Deadline: 19.07.2019

Purchasing of Iron materials

Published: 24.09.2019 Deadline: 27.09.2019

Purchasing of poles made from steel pipes 2500 pc

Published: 19.02.2019 Deadline: 25.02.2019

Purchasing of scooters 50 pc

Published: 18.08.2020 Deadline: 24.08.2020

Purchasing of plastic cabinets

Published: 14.11.2022 Deadline: 23.11.2022

Purchasing of scooters

Published: 02.04.2021 Deadline: 12.04.2021

Purchasing of second-hand manipulators

Published: 10.03.2022 Deadline: 21.03.2022

Purchasing of transformer oil T1500

Published: 11.11.2021 Deadline: 23.11.2021

Repair, testing and certification services for cranes and loaders at various locations

Published: 15.04.2022 Deadline: 26.04.2022

Revision / update of waste management plans (EP Georgia Generation)

Published: 10.11.2022 Deadline: 15.11.2022

დერატიზაცია/დეზინსექცის ჩატარება

Published: 13.04.2020 Deadline: 22.04.2020

სატრენინგო მომსახურების შესყიდვა

Published: 03.06.2021 Deadline: 10.06.2021

სატრენინგო მომსახურების შესყიდვა

Published: 01.02.2019 Deadline: 14.02.2019

Agreement with Transport civil service of Tbilisi Municipality and preparing the scheme of organizing temporary movement

Published: 16.05.2019 Deadline: 22.05.2019

Arrangement of cable channel for ETL in Bakuriani

Published: 09.10.2019 Deadline: 15.10.2019

Arrangement of cable channel in Borjomi for ETL

Published: 31.10.2019 Deadline: 06.11.2019

Arrangement of cable channel in Gurjaani

Published: 12.01.2021 Deadline: 19.01.2021

Arrangement of cable channel in Khashuri for ETL

Published: 10.01.2020 Deadline: 15.01.2020

Arrangement of cable channel in Rustavi

Published: 17.09.2020 Deadline: 22.09.2020

Arrangement of current transformer supports in substations / Arrangement of ETL cable channel in Gurjaani

Published: 11.10.2019 Deadline: 16.10.2019

Arrangement of framed complex transformer substation 35/04KV Voltage in Region Oni “Utsera”

Published: 20.01.2020 Deadline: 24.01.2020

Arrangement of SS Marneuli building’s room and water closet

Published: 03.09.2020 Deadline: 08.09.2020

Arrangement of the bore-hole well at Ortachala HPP

Published: 01.04.2019 Deadline: 15.04.2019

Arrangement of the cable channel in Batumi.

Published: 12.08.2020 Deadline: 19.08.2020

Arrangement of the underground cable channel in Bakuriani

Published: 23.07.2019 Deadline: 29.07.2019

Arranging and fencing HV substation territories “Goderdzi”

Published: 17.09.2020 Deadline: 21.09.2020

Arranging of Bio-sanitary WC

Published: 12.07.2021 Deadline: 16.07.2021

Carrying out works of deratization/desinsection

Published: 13.05.2019 Deadline: 20.05.2019

Catering Service

Published: 27.08.2019 Deadline: 05.09.2019

Celling black and colored scraps from warehouse „Khelvachauri”

Published: 08.10.2019 Deadline: 15.10.2019

Celling dismantled meters (18 000 pc)

Published: 20.09.2019 Deadline: 27.09.2019

Celling of black and colored scraps from regions

Published: 10.10.2019 Deadline: 23.10.2019

Certification of lifting towers and special technic in regions

Published: 27.05.2021 Deadline: 05.06.2021

Conducting an examination of the construction part

Published: 20.07.2022 Deadline: 31.07.2022

Conducting batimetric surveys

Published: 14.05.2021 Deadline: 21.05.2021

Construction (drilling) works of well located in Gumati HPP.

Published: 25.06.2019 Deadline: 03.07.2019

Construction (roofing) works

Published: 07.06.2022 Deadline: 13.06.2022

Construction and repair works

Published: 03.12.2021 Deadline: 31.03.2022

Construction and repair works

Published: 05.03.2021 Deadline: 12.03.2021

Construction and repair works

Published: 25.03.2021 Deadline: 30.03.2021

Construction of 10 kV overhead and cable ETL

Published: 02.10.2019 Deadline: 07.10.2019

Construction of Overhead and Cable ETL

Published: 20.12.2018 Deadline: 28.12.2018

Construction of Overhead and Cable ETL.

Published: 08.01.2019 Deadline: 15.01.2019

Construction of substation “Stadioni” located in Batumi

Published: 02.04.2019 Deadline: 08.04.2019

Construction of underground high voltage ETL in Batumi.

Published: 04.02.2019 Deadline: 08.02.2019

Construction of 06,10,04 kV Overhead and Cable ETL in Kakheti Region

Published: 12.03.2019 Deadline: 19.03.2019

Construction of cable channel

Published: 30.07.2020 Deadline: 04.08.2020

Construction of cable channel in Kutaisi

Published: 10.03.2020 Deadline: 12.03.2020

Construction of ETLs

Published: 08.07.2019 Deadline: 27.07.2019

Construction of Kobuleti service centre

Published: 13.05.2019 Deadline: 20.05.2019

Construction of overhead and cable channel on 6/10/04 kV and other electrical installation works

Published: 09.06.2021 Deadline: 25.06.2021

Construction of the 35 kV power transmission line

Published: 25.08.2021 Deadline: 01.09.2021

Construction works around aggregate 6 located in Zahesi HPP

Published: 22.10.2019 Deadline: 28.10.2019

Construction works around aggregate 7 located in Gumati HPP.

Published: 14.05.2019 Deadline: 20.05.2019

Construction Works in SS Zugdidi

Published: 27.08.2019 Deadline: 29.09.2019

Construction works of overhead and cable channel 6/10 KV and other electric installation works

Published: 24.04.2019 Deadline: 10.05.2019

Construction works of cable and overhead line in Sighnaghi

Published: 24.09.2019 Deadline: 26.09.2019

Construction-Repair Works

Published: 17.07.2019 Deadline: 21.07.2019

Construction/Reconstruction works at high voltage substation “Kutaisi 4” .

Published: 07.06.2019 Deadline: 15.06.2019

Constuction of cable channel for HV cable in Adjara region

Published: 30.06.2021 Deadline: 02.07.2021

Cooperation with companies performing construction and repair works on HPPs

Published: 30.07.2021 Deadline: 07.08.2021

Cooperation with qualified and experienced construction companies

Published: 27.06.2022 Deadline: 10.07.2022

Cooperation with reinforced-concrete support companies

Published: 21.05.2021 Deadline: 07.06.2021

Cooperation with reinforced-concrete support companies

Published: 03.12.2020 Deadline: 30.12.2020

Cooperation with sewing enterprises

Published: 28.01.2022 Deadline: 12.02.2022

Crane Check On HPPs

Published: 26.08.2019 Deadline: 23.09.2019

Creation of a new computer program and operating active computer program

Published: 18.06.2019 Deadline: 28.06.2019

Creation of software for the customer profiling system

Published: 02.09.2021 Deadline: 10.09.2021

Creation of website JSC "Ep Georgia Supply"

Published: 01.07.2021 Deadline: 09.07.2021

Cutting down works and survey of Merkani which is placed in ETL security zone

Published: 24.04.2019 Deadline: 24.05.2019

Design a fishing equipment and a detailed plan of compensation measures for the ichthyofauna of the hydropower plant

Published: 04.11.2021 Deadline: 09.11.2021

Design a sewage system, arrangement and project agreement

Published: 25.02.2021 Deadline: 05.03.2021

Design and installation of fire alarm system at HPPs

Published: 05.04.2021 Deadline: 15.04.2021

Design Companies

Published: 09.09.2022 Deadline: 13.09.2022

Design service of 10 kV substation "Bakuriani 2"

Published: 03.09.2021 Deadline: 10.09.2021

Design services

Published: 04.01.2022 Deadline: 17.01.2022

Design the restoration of the damaged areas of the hermetic door tunnel of the Lajanuri HPP pressure tunnel and engineering and geophysical surveys of the present site of the #3, #4 headlights of the Tsageri dam of the Lajanuri HPP

Published: 28.05.2021 Deadline: 04.06.2021

Designing and installation of fire protection system at HPPs.

Published: 27.02.2019 Deadline: 07.03.2019

Designing of the damaged area of Lajanuri HPP pressure tunnel

Published: 30.08.2021 Deadline: 10.09.2021

Designing service

Published: 02.04.2019 Deadline: 10.04.2019

Development survey and preparation of a schematic drawing of traffic

Published: 24.06.2020 Deadline: 29.06.2020

Dining Area Repair

Published: 03.07.2019 Deadline: 09.07.2019

Documentation preparation of environmental impact assessment, engineering and geological survey and preparation of topological digital map

Published: 04.06.2019 Deadline: 14.06.2019

Drilling Works

Published: 06.09.2019 Deadline: 13.09.2019

Drilling Works

Published: 09.10.2019 Deadline: 18.10.2019

Drilling works and laboratory analysis of samples

Published: 03.06.2020 Deadline: 15.06.2020

Drilling works on the arch dam of Lajanuri HPP and testing of samples in the laboratory

Published: 15.02.2021 Deadline: 25.02.2021

Duty Box

Published: 05.07.2019 Deadline: 15.07.2019

EIA, Topo Shooting and Geological Survey.

Published: 15.07.2019 Deadline: 19.07.2019

Electrical installation work (assembling of meter cabinets)

Published: 20.09.2022 Deadline: 30.09.2022

Electrical Installation Works

Published: 31.03.2022 Deadline: 11.04.2022

Electrical installation works

Published: 13.07.2020 Deadline: 05.08.2020

electrical installation works

Published: 23.09.2020 Deadline: 01.10.2020

Electrical installation works

Published: 30.03.2021 Deadline: 15.04.2021

Engineering Geological Survey

Published: 20.08.2019 Deadline: 30.08.2019

Engineering-geological and constructive surveys

Published: 12.12.2019 Deadline: 18.12.2019

Engineering/Geological surveys

Published: 30.01.2020 Deadline: 04.02.2020

Expert conclusion preparation of investment projects

Published: 27.02.2019 Deadline: 12.03.2019

Expert Service for preparing screening procedure documentation of construction project 110 kV Overhead ETL .

Published: 25.02.2019 Deadline: 04.03.2019

Expert surveys

Published: 17.02.2020 Deadline: 21.02.2020

Expert surveys for obtaining the construction permit

Published: 27.01.2020 Deadline: 04.02.2020

Expertise of the constructive part of the architectural project

Published: 25.06.2021 Deadline: 30.06.2021

Fencing of the territory KV 110/35 located in Rioni HPP

Published: 13.09.2019 Deadline: 19.09.2019

Geological and topographic services

Published: 12.11.2020 Deadline: 19.11.2020

Historical architectural research

Published: 21.10.2020 Deadline: 29.10.2020

Historical architectural research of project area

Published: 03.02.2021 Deadline: 09.02.2021

Holding multifactor survey for Kashkhali sustainability determination

Published: 13.05.2019 Deadline: 31.05.2019

Hydro engineering design service

Published: 06.09.2019 Deadline: 13.09.2019

Inspection of crane mechanisms, compilation of documentation and defective acts at HPPs.

Published: 06.01.2020 Deadline: 14.01.2020

Installation and connection of SCADA system RTU devices in Svaneti

Published: 18.10.2021 Deadline: 22.10.2021

Installation of SCADA System

Published: 27.03.2019 Deadline: 02.04.2019

Installation of surveillance cameras

Published: 10.01.2022 Deadline: 21.01.2022

Installation of antiseptic cleaning equipment at HPPs

Published: 13.09.2021 Deadline: 20.09.2021

Installation of the fire protection system at the Lajanuri HPP

Published: 19.08.2022 Deadline: 23.09.2022

Installing and designing of fire alarm system located in Ortachala and Lajanuri HPPs

Published: 14.06.2019 Deadline: 25.06.2019

Insurance of vehicles

Published: 09.11.2021 Deadline: 25.11.2021

Laying asphalt in the yard of the head office

Published: 30.07.2021 Deadline: 12.08.2021

Looking for manufacturers of iron products

Published: 05.12.2022 Deadline: 31.12.2022

Looking for manufacturers of large meter cabinets

Published: 05.12.2022 Deadline: 31.12.2022

looking for reinforced-concrete poles manufacturer companies all over Georgia

Published: 03.10.2019 Deadline: 04.11.2019

Looking for scrap purchasing companies

Published: 27.10.2022 Deadline: 04.11.2022

Lumberjack Service

Published: 22.11.2019 Deadline: 22.12.2019

Maintenance works in Batumi service center

Published: 10.02.2020 Deadline: 13.02.2020

Maintenance works in service center “Sachkhere”

Published: 19.09.2019 Deadline: 26.09.2019

Making Labor Safety boards

Published: 16.05.2019 Deadline: 22.05.2019

manufacture and installation of bulky letters (banner)

Published: 03.12.2018 Deadline: 06.12.2018

manufacture and installation of bulky letters (banner)

Published: 27.06.2019 Deadline: 30.06.2019

Manufacture electrical equipment

Published: 26.11.2021 Deadline: 31.03.2022

Manufacturing of iron materials

Published: 11.11.2021 Deadline: 22.11.2021

Manufacturing of meter boxes

Published: 15.11.2021 Deadline: 21.11.2021

Migrating from an existing antivirus solution to a new version

Published: 13.04.2022 Deadline: 29.04.2022

Obtain appropriate permit / agreement required for cutting down trees (plantations) in ETL line protection zone

Published: 16.07.2019 Deadline: 01.08.2019

Partial renovation of the Ambrolauri Service Center office and the installation of heating in the Mtskheta Service Center

Published: 09.03.2020 Deadline: 12.03.2020

Partnership with metal and plastic meter cabinet manufacturing companies

Published: 12.11.2021 Deadline: 31.01.2022

Performing construction works

Published: 18.03.2022 Deadline: 25.03.2022

Performing construction works

Published: 08.11.2022 Deadline: 14.11.2022

Placing gabion on the right side of the river Otchkhamuri in Tchkhorotsku

Published: 13.12.2019 Deadline: 20.12.2019

Poles made from steel pipes

Published: 21.05.2019 Deadline: 27.05.2019

Preparation an architectural sketch

Published: 16.08.2021 Deadline: 23.08.2021

Preparation of a screening document

Published: 03.02.2021 Deadline: 10.02.2021

Preparation of Conclusion of factually implemented works of Investment Projects

Published: 28.07.2020 Deadline: 04.08.2020

Preparation of Conclusion of factually implemented works of Investment Projects

Published: 28.07.2020 Deadline: 04.08.2020

Preparation of conclusions on the actual work of the investment projects implemented by JSC "Energo-Pro Georgia" in 2020

Published: 12.08.2021 Deadline: 23.08.2021

Preparation of EIA-scoping document

Published: 11.02.2022 Deadline: 17.02.2022

Preparation of Mtskheta Historical Monuments “World Heritage Situational Plan

Published: 21.08.2021 Deadline: 27.08.2021

Preparation of screening documentation

Published: 13.05.2019 Deadline: 20.05.2019

Preparation of screening report

Published: 18.07.2022 Deadline: 22.07.2022

Preparation of the conclusions of the actual work of the investment projects implemented by JSC "EP Georgia Generation" in 2020

Published: 09.09.2021 Deadline: 17.09.2021

Preparing a bypass traffic scheme

Published: 31.12.2020 Deadline: 11.01.2021

Preparing of fire alarm and water supply system projects

Published: 24.02.2020 Deadline: 02.03.2020

Preparing of measurement drawings

Published: 11.02.2021 Deadline: 17.02.2021

Price quotation regarding Companies, which are producing measuring drawings.

Published: 08.01.2019 Deadline: 17.01.2019

Price quotation regarding renting out Special Technique for 2020 year

Published: 19.12.2019 Deadline: 27.12.2019

Produce an operating room from a sandwich panel and install it on site

Published: 30.08.2021 Deadline: 06.09.2021

Producing of stencils and informational banners

Published: 03.05.2019 Deadline: 07.05.2019

Production and installation of Ortachala HPP crane, contact line (trolley)

Published: 10.02.2022 Deadline: 17.02.2022

Production of duty booths

Published: 09.08.2022 Deadline: 15.08.2022

Project renewal of excessively permissible emission norms for harmful substances

Published: 09.06.2021 Deadline: 15.06.2021

Projecting of monitoring automatic system

Published: 23.10.2019 Deadline: 30.10.2019

Purchase of Complete Transformer Substations

Published: 25.06.2019 Deadline: 04.07.2019

Purchase of corrugated pipes

Published: 03.08.2021 Deadline: 09.08.2021

Purchase of crane baskets

Published: 07.12.2022 Deadline: 14.12.2022

Purchase of Cross Bars and Support Construction for Power oil Transformer

Published: 03.12.2018 Deadline: 10.12.2018

Purchase of oil proof rubber

Published: 09.07.2021 Deadline: 16.07.2021

Purchase of reinforced concrete formwork forms

Published: 05.04.2021 Deadline: 17.04.2021

Purchase of Smart Single-phase Meters

Published: 09.07.2021 Deadline: 23.07.2021

Purchase of special equipment-drill with a crane

Published: 19.10.2021 Deadline: 29.10.2021

Purchasing of plastic cabinets

Published: 25.05.2021 Deadline: 29.05.2021

Purchasing of tablets and tablet bags (100-100 pc).

Published: 15.05.2019 Deadline: 21.05.2019

Purchasing of consumable materials

Published: 19.02.2019 Deadline: 26.02.2019

Purchasing of consumable materials

Published: 09.07.2020 Deadline: 16.07.2020

Purchasing of customer service bills

Published: 26.02.2019 Deadline: 05.03.2019

Purchasing of detailed plan service for ichthyofauna compensation measures

Published: 28.02.2022 Deadline: 07.03.2022

Purchasing of duty boxes

Published: 28.02.2020 Deadline: 04.03.2020

Purchasing of hygienic paper

Published: 29.09.2021 Deadline: 07.10.2021

Purchasing Alfa meters and other materials

Published: 02.03.2021 Deadline: 08.03.2021

Purchasing and installing an elevator

Published: 18.02.2021 Deadline: 26.02.2021

Purchasing hygienic paper

Published: 15.11.2022 Deadline: 23.11.2022

Purchasing of branded stationery

Published: 15.09.2022 Deadline: 23.09.2022

Purchasing of Iron materials

Published: 18.01.2019 Deadline: 28.01.2019

Purchasing of Iron materials

Published: 22.03.2019 Deadline: 29.03.2019

Purchasing of Iron materials

Published: 26.06.2019 Deadline: 03.07.2019

Purchasing of Iron materials

Published: 16.06.2020 Deadline: 23.06.2020

Purchasing of light boxes (preparation/installation)

Published: 25.03.2019 Deadline: 01.04.2019

Purchasing of mandatory health inspection service for technical stuff according to the Labor safety law

Published: 04.03.2019 Deadline: 15.03.2019

Purchasing of Scooters 300 pcs

Published: 26.12.2018 Deadline: 07.01.2019

Purchasing of Special Technique

Published: 11.12.2018 Deadline: 28.12.2018

Purchasing of steel poles 2500pc

Published: 11.12.2018 Deadline: 14.12.2018

Purchasing of Transformer Oil T1500-60 000kg

Published: 27.02.2019 Deadline: 10.03.2019

Purchasing of Transformer Oil T1500-60 000kg

Published: 19.09.2019 Deadline: 25.09.2019

Purchasing of 12-meter metal cabinets

Published: 24.01.2019 Deadline: 01.02.2019

Purchasing of 8-meter steel pipe support pole

Published: 18.11.2021 Deadline: 01.12.2021

Purchasing of a warning banner

Published: 21.04.2022 Deadline: 29.04.2022

Purchasing of all round cars (4x4)

Published: 16.03.2021 Deadline: 22.03.2021

Purchasing of aluminum stairs

Published: 16.02.2022 Deadline: 28.02.2022

Purchasing of branded stationary materials

Published: 26.09.2019 Deadline: 07.10.2019

Purchasing of branded stationary materials

Published: 29.10.2020 Deadline: 08.11.2020

Purchasing of branded stationeries

Published: 02.10.2021 Deadline: 13.10.2021

Purchasing of computer tablets

Published: 13.12.2019 Deadline: 20.12.2019

Purchasing of deratization / disinsection services

Published: 28.02.2022 Deadline: 07.03.2022

Purchasing of deratization/disinsection service

Published: 24.03.2021 Deadline: 02.04.2021

Purchasing of diesel engine loader

Published: 16.09.2021 Deadline: 23.09.2021

Purchasing of duty containers

Published: 28.01.2019 Deadline: 08.02.2019

Purchasing of first aid pharmacy boxes

Published: 19.04.2022 Deadline: 06.05.2022

Purchasing of furniture

Published: 08.11.2019 Deadline: 14.11.2019

Purchasing of kitchen equipment and tableware

Published: 18.10.2019 Deadline: 24.10.2019

Purchasing of ladders 100 pc

Published: 27.08.2020 Deadline: 04.09.2020

Purchasing of metal boxes

Published: 06.02.2020 Deadline: 15.02.2020

Purchasing of metal cabinets

Published: 02.02.2021 Deadline: 06.02.2021

Purchasing of metal meter boxes 9,12,16,24

Published: 28.05.2021 Deadline: 07.06.2021

Purchasing of meter boxes

Published: 17.10.2019 Deadline: 31.10.2019

Purchasing of Office tables

Published: 28.01.2019 Deadline: 08.02.2019

Purchasing of plastic crimped pipes

Published: 10.01.2020 Deadline: 14.01.2020

Purchasing of reinforced-concrete poles (8m, 10.5m & 2.9m long)

Published: 19.09.2019 Deadline: 25.09.2019

Purchasing of software

Published: 31.03.2021 Deadline: 07.04.2021

Purchasing of special technic

Published: 13.03.2021 Deadline: 19.03.2021

Purchasing of steel poles 1000 pc

Published: 19.09.2019 Deadline: 25.09.2019

Purchasing of steel poles 1000 pc

Published: 18.02.2021 Deadline: 23.02.2021

Purchasing of steel poles 2000 pc

Published: 22.10.2019 Deadline: 28.10.2019

Purchasing of steel poles 2000 pc

Published: 10.01.2020 Deadline: 17.01.2020

Purchasing of steel poles 2000 pc

Published: 16.06.2020 Deadline: 23.06.2020

Purchasing of steel poles 2000 pc

Published: 08.07.2020 Deadline: 13.07.2020

Purchasing of summer special clothes and shoes

Published: 25.02.2021 Deadline: 04.03.2021

Purchasing of tin

Published: 25.09.2019 Deadline: 30.09.2019

Purchasing of transformer’s oil T-1500 (Or similar analogue)

Published: 09.02.2021 Deadline: 12.02.2021

Purchasing of warehouse construction service in Rustavi

Published: 24.03.2021 Deadline: 28.04.2021

Purchasing of warning signs

Published: 31.03.2021 Deadline: 05.04.2021

Purchasing of winter special clothes and shoes

Published: 30.11.2021 Deadline: 08.12.2021

Purchasing of winter special shoes (5000 pair).

Published: 09.06.2020 Deadline: 17.06.2020

Purchasing of wood materials

Published: 25.09.2019 Deadline: 30.09.2019

Purchasing of wood materials and corrugated tin

Published: 02.03.2021 Deadline: 08.03.2021

Purchasing of wooden materials

Published: 04.02.2022 Deadline: 15.02.2022

Purchasing reinforced concrete foundations for high voltage towers

Published: 16.02.2021 Deadline: 22.02.2021

Purchasing summer special cloths and shoes

Published: 14.11.2022 Deadline: 23.11.2022

Purchasing technical service of special equipment

Published: 15.12.2021 Deadline: 24.12.2021

Purchasing tires

Published: 19.10.2022 Deadline: 26.10.2022

Purchasing transformer’s oil T-1500

Published: 05.03.2020 Deadline: 27.03.2020

Purchasing/Installation of ventilation system for canteen

Published: 14.03.2019 Deadline: 21.03.2019

Reconstruction of ETL Mostameta 1 and 2 of HV 110kV

Published: 23.07.2021 Deadline: 01.08.2021

Reconstruction of high voltage substation buildings (Mestia, Kobuleti)

Published: 01.04.2019 Deadline: 03.04.2019

Reconstruction of 110-10 kV Voltage substation building “Gudauri”

Published: 03.05.2019 Deadline: 14.05.2019

reconstruction of 110/10 kV voltage substation “Borjomi 2”

Published: 22.06.2020 Deadline: 26.06.2020

Reconstruction of HV Substation Batumi 2

Published: 16.02.2021 Deadline: 22.02.2021

Reconstruction of management shield works in SS “Dusheti”

Published: 12.08.2019 Deadline: 19.08.2019

Registration of 110/35 voltage lines (Measuring Drawings)

Published: 12.03.2020 Deadline: 18.03.2020

Rehabilitation and construction works of outdoor facade of the building located in Rioni HPP

Published: 26.11.2019 Deadline: 02.12.2019

Rehabilitation and roofing works of transformer buildings in Kutaisi and Batumi

Published: 02.10.2019 Deadline: 07.10.2019

Rehabilitation of facade - Ortachala HPP.

Published: 01.04.2019 Deadline: 08.03.2019

Rehabilitation of Head office facade

Published: 17.04.2019 Deadline: 01.05.2019

Rehabilitation of pen stock in Rioni HPP

Published: 04.04.2019 Deadline: 10.04.2019

Rehabilitation of the hotel located at Chitakhev HPP

Published: 15.06.2021 Deadline: 21.06.2021

Rehabilitation of the oil collector in HPP (Atshesi)

Published: 10.05.2021 Deadline: 17.05.2021

Rehabilitation of Tsageri Kashkhali in Lajanuri HPP

Published: 30.04.2019 Deadline: 13.05.2019

Rehabilitation of Tsageri Kashkhali in Lajanuri HPP.

Published: 24.05.2019 Deadline: 04.06.2019

Rehabilitation of vent pipe in Zahesi HPP

Published: 06.02.2020 Deadline: 13.02.2020

Rehabilitation works of “Kaspi and Natakhtari” substations

Published: 02.04.2019 Deadline: 08.04.2019

Rehabilitation, roofing works for Zahesi office and High Voltage Substation Buildings

Published: 09.09.2019 Deadline: 15.09.2019

Rehabilitation/partial roofing works of building of Zahesi HPP.

Published: 03.12.2019 Deadline: 09.12.2019

Renewal of License

Published: 04.09.2019 Deadline: 09.09.2019

Renovation of the building of the main headlights of the Chitakhevi HPP dam.

Published: 10.05.2021 Deadline: 17.05.2021

Repair of car hall at the Lajanuri HPP Generator TG 3

Published: 30.06.2021 Deadline: 05.07.2021

Repair of cranes at HPPs

Published: 24.02.2020 Deadline: 28.02.2020

Repair of the elevator

Published: 21.01.2022 Deadline: 31.01.2022

Repair of the pressure pipeline at Rioni HPP and repair of the generator building at Martkopi HPP

Published: 22.04.2021 Deadline: 27.04.2021

Repair of transformer generator building on Zahesi.

Published: 17.09.2020 Deadline: 21.09.2020

Repair the exterior facade of the service center in Batumi

Published: 12.04.2021 Deadline: 16.04.2021

Repair works

Published: 15.04.2022 Deadline: 22.04.2022

Repair works of Khelvachauri office

Published: 10.05.2021 Deadline: 17.05.2021

Repairing of the lifting mechanisms, testing and certifying

Published: 22.06.2020 Deadline: 26.06.2020

Repairing of the elevator

Published: 20.12.2021 Deadline: 27.12.2021

Repairing of transformer buildings in Rustavi

Published: 05.11.2019 Deadline: 11.11.2019

Repairing works in Marneuli office

Published: 10.11.2020 Deadline: 15.11.2020

Replacement of the flat roof

Published: 11.06.2020 Deadline: 19.06.2020

Rescue Team Equipment

Published: 15.07.2022 Deadline: 29.07.2022

Revision / update of waste management plans

Published: 10.11.2022 Deadline: 15.11.2022

Revision / update of waste management plans (g-Power)

Published: 10.11.2022 Deadline: 15.11.2022

Revision of its waste management plan

Published: 01.10.2019 Deadline: 07.10.2019

Roofing works of Rioni HPP

Published: 12.01.2021 Deadline: 19.01.2021

Sale of 100 units of dismantled wooden poles from Kakheti region

Published: 11.09.2019 Deadline: 19.09.2019

Sale of dismantled power transformers located in HPPs

Published: 18.09.2019 Deadline: 27.09.2019

sale of scrap located in Shaori HPP

Published: 28.12.2018 Deadline: 09.01.2019

Searching a certified contractor for repair / construction work

Published: 21.04.2022 Deadline: 29.04.2022

Searching contractors for electrical installation works

Published: 18.11.2022 Deadline: 18.02.2023

Searching contractors for electrical installation works in Kakheti region

Published: 01.12.2021 Deadline: 31.01.2022

Searching for cabinet manufacturing companies in Georgia for cooperation

Published: 24.03.2021 Deadline: 10.04.2021

Searching for Companies, which are manufacturing 1,2,3 – metal and plastic meter -boxes

Published: 21.03.2019 Deadline: 21.04.2019

Searching for company who will be able to manufacture Complete Transformer Substations (КТП, ГКТП), Reinforced-concrete poles, Iron/Plastic Meter Boxes and Cross-bars

Published: 01.11.2019 Deadline: 01.12.2019

Searching for suppliers in various areas

Published: 26.01.2021 Deadline: 01.02.2021

Searching market for 1, 2 and 3-meter boxes manufacturers

Published: 18.10.2019 Deadline: 15.11.2019

Searching the Company for construction works of overhead and cable channel 6/10/04 kV and other electric installation works

Published: 01.11.2019 Deadline: 08.11.2019

Searching the Company for construction works of overhead and cable channel 6/10/04 kV and other electric installation works

Published: 13.11.2019 Deadline: 22.11.2019

Selling of second-hand 0.4 kV Voltage and Current transformers

Published: 25.01.2019 Deadline: 11.02.2019

Selling containers 4 pc

Published: 03.04.2019 Deadline: 15.04.2019

Selling damaged tools and equipment

Published: 21.04.2022 Deadline: 26.04.2022

Selling of second-hand Transformer Oil 18585.50 kg.

Published: 05.05.2019 Deadline: 01.06.2019

Selling of secondary transformer Non-Generating Oil -11506.50 kg

Published: 22.11.2019 Deadline: 27.11.2019

Selling of waste batteries

Published: 25.08.2020 Deadline: 05.09.2020

Selling of black and colored scraps from regions

Published: 06.03.2020 Deadline: 19.03.2020

Selling of clay-gravel mixture

Published: 16.11.2022 Deadline: 24.11.2022

Selling of colored scraps from Kakheti Region

Published: 06.03.2020 Deadline: 12.03.2020

Selling of colored scraps from regions

Published: 05.06.2020 Deadline: 15.06.2020

Selling of dismantled transformers owned by “EPG Generation”

Published: 02.04.2019 Deadline: 15.04.2019

Selling of electric equipment

Published: 19.03.2019 Deadline: 19.04.2019

Selling of insulators

Published: 05.04.2019 Deadline: 18.04.2019

Selling of materials

Published: 02.12.2021 Deadline: 17.12.2021

Selling of medium voltage transformers

Published: 16.11.2022 Deadline: 30.11.2022

Selling of out of order meters

Published: 28.09.2020 Deadline: 02.10.2020

Selling of scrap located in Khelvachauri warehouse

Published: 14.06.2019 Deadline: 24.06.2019

Selling of scrap located in Zahesi HPP

Published: 12.06.2019 Deadline: 24.06.2019

Selling of scrap, useless materials and 2 pc of dismantled power transformers

Published: 09.07.2021 Deadline: 18.07.2021

Selling of second-hand control cash registers - type - GRPS DAIZY EXPER

Published: 29.03.2019 Deadline: 05.04.2019

Selling of two dismantled power transformers

Published: 20.07.2021 Deadline: 30.07.2021

Selling of used oil

Published: 05.10.2020 Deadline: 15.10.2020

Selling of used transformer

Published: 07.07.2022 Deadline: 16.07.2022

Selling out of order vehicles

Published: 27.06.2022 Deadline: 01.07.2022

Selling repairable electric tools

Published: 02.12.2021 Deadline: 10.12.2021

Selling scrap

Published: 07.07.2022 Deadline: 13.07.2022

Selling Scrap

Published: 12.07.2019 Deadline: 19.07.2019

Selling scrap and unusable second-hand equipment

Published: 01.07.2022 Deadline: 11.07.2022

Selling scraps

Published: 03.04.2019 Deadline: 10.04.2019

Selling scraps from Gori warehouse

Published: 26.06.2020 Deadline: 07.07.2020

Selling transformer’s used oil

Published: 17.02.2020 Deadline: 21.02.2020

Selling used transformer oil

Published: 05.10.2022 Deadline: 14.10.2022

Selling vehicles

Published: 06.05.2022 Deadline: 30.05.2022

Service of active computer program

Published: 07.06.2019 Deadline: 17.06.2019

Service of printers&cartridges

Published: 10.02.2020 Deadline: 02.03.2020

Service of special equipment vehicles

Published: 06.02.2020 Deadline: 13.02.2020

Supervision of construction works

Published: 16.02.2022 Deadline: 22.02.2022

Taking permission of rehabilitation and construction of Bakuriani Substation

Published: 04.02.2019 Deadline: 11.02.2019

Telecommunication service

Published: 21.02.2022 Deadline: 02.03.2022

Telecommunication service of Call Center

Published: 04.12.2018 Deadline: 10.12.2018

Telecommunication service of Call Center

Published: 03.02.2020 Deadline: 11.02.2020

Training of mining-rescue group of Lajanuri HPP and consulting analytical service

Published: 20.08.2019 Deadline: 02.09.2019

Utilization of Wastes

Published: 07.07.2022 Deadline: 11.07.2022

Wall projecting at HPP

Published: 28.09.2020 Deadline: 02.10.2020

ენერგო-პრო ჯგუფი აცხადებს ფასთა გამოკითხვას ჯანმრთელობის სრულ დაზღვევაზე

Published: 06.04.2022 Deadline: 18.04.2022

პროექტების შეფასების მოდულის დანერგვა

Published: 26.02.2020 Deadline: 06.03.2020

საექსპერტო დასკვნის მომზადება

Published: 24.07.2019 Deadline: 09.08.2019

საექსპერტო დასკვნის მომზადება

Published: 24.07.2019 Deadline: 09.08.2019

სატესტო განცხადება

Published: 31.03.2020 Deadline: 31.03.2020

სახანძრო სიგნალიზაციისა და სისტემის წყალმომარაგების პროექტების მომზადება

Published: 24.02.2020 Deadline: 02.03.2020

სახიფათო ნარჩენების გატანა და უტილიზაცია

Published: 24.03.2022 Deadline: 31.03.2022

ქეითერინგის მომსახურება

Published: 27.08.2019 Deadline: 05.09.2019

შრომის უსაფრთხოების აკრედიტირებული პროგრამის ფასთა გამოკითხვა

Published: 01.04.2022 Deadline: 13.04.2022

შრომის უსაფრთხოების აკრედიტირებული პროგრამის შესყიდვა

Published: 08.04.2019 Deadline: 19.04.2019