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06 Feb, 2020

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia continues popularization of energy field

5 students from 5 vocational colleges with the specialization of electroengineering and 4 graduating students of energy faculty of two Universities, will receive stipend of GEL 200 per month from JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia.
30 January, 2020

ENERGO-PRO made the presentation of 2019 annual report in Kvemo Kartli

Management of ENERGO-PRO presented 2019 summoning annual report of the company to representatives of media in Rustavi. Only last year company carried out 112.2 mln GEL investment, paid GEL 122 mln to state budget. Investments carried out were applied to low and high voltage network rehabilitation projects as well as rehabilitation of generation objects. As a result of Gumati 1 HPP and Rioni HPP rehabilitation, additional capacity of 4,7 MW was added to Georgian Energy System. Electricity purchased and transmitted in 2019 in total amounted 5 381 mln kW/hrs, while distributed and transmitted electricity totaled 4 844 mln kW/hrs. Losses in the network amounted 537 mln kW/hrs, which is 9.97 %.
30 January, 2020

Electricity Consumption in the Mestia region has exceeded critical margin

Compared to the same period last year, electricity consumption in Mestia has almost tripled. Consumption growth was also observed in previous years, but for the last six months, electricity consumption has increased critically. Mikheil Botsvadze, General Director of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia, spoke about this problem when presenting the 2019 annual report of the company to the regional media in Rustavi today. In December 2019, Mestia region consumed as much electricity as 19 other regions residential customers in total in the same period. Those regions are: Ambrolauri, Aspindza, Oni, Tianeti, Dmanisi, Abasha, Kharagauli, Vani, Chkhorotsku, Tsageri, Lentekhi, Tetritsko Chokhatauri, Baghdati, Keda, Shuakhevi, Tsalka, Khoni.
27 June, 2019

Additionally 1.7 megawatt capacity was added to energy system of Georgia

ENERGO-PRO Georgia Generation” has completed reconstruction of second hydro unit of “Gumati 1“ as result of which additionally 1.7 megawatt capacity was added to energy system of Georgia. Installed capacity of hydro unit was increased from 11 megawatt up to 12.7 megawatt. Company made the investment of up to 7 mln GEL for the mentioned project.
18 June, 2019

Summer Employment Program for students starts in “ENERGO-PRO Georgia”

ENERGO-PRO Georgia starts Summer Employment Program. Graduate students and graduates of the Higher College, Faculty of Energy, as well as energy and power engineering students of vocational colleges will be able to pass 2 months paid internship.
03 June, 2019

JSC “Enegro-Pro Georgia” calls population for maximal observance of safety measures

In Spring season, when concetration of citizens in resorts, resting areas and recreational zones is increased, foreseeing the safety rules nearby the electrical facilities, lines, substations is especially actual. JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia” warns citizens that in case of entrance at energy objects zone without permission and/or getting closer danger can occur to humans’ life. Accordingly, In places like the mentioned population shall necessarily observe the safety rules.
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