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06 October, 2023

"Energo-Pro Group" purchased 167 MW ten hydro power plants in Spain

Independent producer of electricity, Czech company "Energo-Pro" a.s. expands its activities in Galicia, Spain. The Company completed Xallas Electricidad y Aleaciones, S.A.U ("Xeal") and Feroe Ventures & Investments S.L.U. ("Feroe") acquisition of 100% equity capital of companies from leading global investment firm SIXTH STREET. This is one of the largest Czech investments in Spain. To finance the transaction, "Energo-Pro" a.s. received a loan of 300 million EUR from J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Xeal owns and operates ten hydro power plants with a capacity of 167 MW and two ferrosalloy plants.
22 September, 2023

The interns received an employment offer from "ENERGO-PRO Georgia"

Summer, paid internship program, which ran from July 17 to September 17, was successfully completed at "Energo-Pro Georgia" JSC. Most of the 13 interns have already received job offers from the company.
01 September, 2023

JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia" has started preparations for the 2024 Georgian parliamentary elections

On October 26, 2024, the process of parliamentary elections of Georgia will be held through the application of electronic technologies. Therefore, a stable supply of electricity to polling stations will be especially important. Today Grigol Mamiseishvili, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia", met with Giorgi Kalandarishvili, Chairman of the CEC, for the second time regarding the mentioned topic.
11 August, 2023

ENERGO-PRO Group has successfully completed issue of notes worth EUR 300,000,000

ENERGO-PRO a.s., mother company of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia Holding, has successfully priced EUR 300 mln unsubordinated and unsecured notes for the fourth time. This emission is guaranteed for the first time by the leading American financial institution, the US Development Finance Corporation (DFC). It is also the first time when DFC has guaranteed such a transaction in Europe. The term of the notes is 12 years and it will be fully covered on July 27, 2035. The annual fixed rate of the notes is 4.3%.
11 August, 2023

ENERGO-PRO - We are proud to maintain the position of one of the largest investors in Georgia

ENERGO-PRO Group has completed attracting of long-term financing under favorable terms. "Compared to classic notes, with which the group was financed until now, the guarantee allowed the group to raise funds at a very attractive price, for a longer term, and all this happened during the constant instability at the international capital markets," - said Mikheil Botsvadze, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ENERGO-PRO Georgia Holding.
20 July, 2023

Successful students of electricity field will have the grant scholarships. They will also receive the offers for paid internship and employment

Memorandum between the JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia” and college “Construct2” located in Zestaphopni was concluded. JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia” has special offers for successfull students of electricity field of the college. Company with the slogan “Choose the light” addresses the ones who did not choose the profession yet.
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