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10 July, 2024

JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia" offers new remote services

The remote service center will assist you in filling out the following thematic types of applications based on a telephone interview on weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p. m.
20 June, 2024

JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia" will start paid internships for students from July 1

JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia" is holding meetings with those students who expressed their desire to participate in the summer employment program. The heads of the relevant directions and departments of the company provided the students with information regarding the specifics of their activities.
11 June, 2024

JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia" is starting a summer employment project

JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia" invites students of higher education institutions and professional colleges to participate in the summer employment project. Young people will undertake a paid internship for 2 months, and the successful ones will be offered employment by the company.
02 May, 2024

Mikheil Botsvadze - "ENERGO-PRO Georgia" was unfairly fined again by the Regulatory Commission

"Unfortunately, the highest financial fine was again imposed on the network company included in the JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia Holding". We consider the decision to be unequivocally unfair and unjust. Of course, we will appeal it at the court, according to the established procedure, and we are completely sure that as a result of an objective review, the fine will definitely be canceled," says Mikheil Botsvadze, chairman of the board of directors of "ENERGO-PRO Georgia Holding".
29 March, 2024

The Representatives of the USAID contractor company working on gender balance issues visited JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia"

The Representatives of the USAID contractor company working on gender balance issues visited JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia". They assist companies in make occupations traditionally considered for male personnel more attractive to women. The energy company has been actively engaged in this project for years.
26 Feb, 2024

JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia" continues to grant scholarships to students of vocational schools

JSC "ENERGO-PRO Georgia" has already signed an agreement with 20 successful students of the electrical department of vocational schools and colleges. The company will grant them scholarships during their studies. After completing their studies, young people will have the opportunity to get a paid internship in the company and eventually be hired.
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