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10 October, 2016

For the improvement of electricity supply in Gudauri, JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia carried out GEL 20 000 investment

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia completed HV network rehabilitation in Daba Gudauri. As a result of rehabilitation grid infrastructure has been improved significantly, which fosters stable and secure electricity supply of Daba Gudauri resort on winter touristic season. JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia invested GEL 20 000 for the implementation of the mentioned project.
23 May, 2016

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia meets summer season at the touristic zones prepared

In summer season electricity consumption in touristic zones increases. To provide stable and high quality electricity supply at the resorts, JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia makes the focus of its investments on the increase of the network reliability and its rehabilitation. With these purposes in Adjara and Guria regions company carried out millions of GEL investment.
17 May, 2016

„ČKD Blansko Engineering“ and “LITOSTROJ POWER”, the companies entering into ENERGO-PRO Group Offer Georgian companies their products and services

A meeting between the member of “LITOSTROJ POWER” group „ČKD Blansko Engineering“ and companies operating at Georgian energy market was held at Courtyard Marriott Hotel, where „ČKD Blansko Engineering“ made the presentation of its products and services. Since year 2006 “ČKD Blansko Engineering“ is a member of „LITOSTROJ POWER“ group, which 100% share owner is „ENERGO-PRO Group“.
13 May, 2016

94% of EPG customers are already individually re-metered

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia actively continues individual re-metering activities in the regions. The company serves over 1 mln customers, 94% out of which have already been individually re-metered, by the end of the year the figure will increase and 98% of the company customers will be able to use European standard individual meters.
14 April, 2016

Gender Issues and support of Vocational Education Development at JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia

For the purpose of the popularization of vocational education and maintenance of gender balance in the field of energy, JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia continues implementation of certain projects. EPG hosted 10th and 11th grade pupils from 5 schools in Gldani and Temka districts. The project was implemented with the partnership with non-governmental organization World Vision. Pupils first visited the training center of EPG and later were at sightseeing tour at Zahesi HPP. The project involved 15 pupils in total – 9 girls and 6 boys.
11 March, 2016

Operation of EPG Call Center will become more effective

New computer software was implemented at EPG call center for the purpose of increase of the effectiveness and improvement of customers’ service. The soft is in complete compliance with the business processes of the company, which will make call response rapidness and quality more efficient.
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