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03 September, 2014

New Service Center Office of EPG opened in Kutaisi

Administration of Kutaisi s/c, technical department and customers relation service will be placed at the new service center office of EPG in Kutaisi. Service center is opened to provide better service to the customers, deliver them with all necessary information and receive applications and letters for further proceedings.
07 July, 2014

Number of customers of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia exceeded 1 000 000

Director General of JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia Nikolay Nikolov awarded company # 1000 000 customer. Newly registered Zurab Bolkvadze residing in Batumi received GEL 500 voucher which he can consume according to one’s own will.
20 June, 2014

EPG offers employment to students of professional study facilities

Today EPG concluded agreement with 5 students of professional study facilities. During the 10 months study period company will pay the students GEL 150 tuition. After the graduation students will undertake 1 month internship at the company and will be employed afterwards. Agreement between EPG and students was concluded at Kutaisi professional Study Facility “Iberia”. Students were chosen from Kutaisi, Ozurgeti and Kobuleti professional facilities “Iberia”, “Horison” and “New Wave”.
19 May, 2014

EPG installed Alarm at Dariali Gorge

Alarm installed by EPG at Dariali gorge village Gveleti will be launched in advance to the possible danger.
16 April, 2014

EPG offers employment to future students of professional study facilities

EPG starts new employment project. According to the company decision all the students who will satisfy the competition requirements and be enrolled into the professional study facilities for the specialization of electrician, welder and other related fields, will receive GEL 150-200 stipends from the company during the study period. At the final stage of the learning students will be given opportunity to undertake 1-3 months internship at the company with future employment perspective. EPG and Ministry of Education will conclude memorandum regarding this.
20 March, 2014

EPG concludes memorandum of cooperation

EPG starts new employment project. Tomorrow, on April 17 memorandum of cooperation will be concluded among JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia, Ministry of Education and Science, Education Quality increase national Center and up to 15 professional educational facilities which implement the program. The signing ceremony will be held at the ministry of education and sciences. Memorandum will be signed by General Director of EPG Nikoaly Nikolov, Deputy Minister Kate Natriashvili, Elene Jibladze from the side of the Center and Directors of professional educational facilities.
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